Setting up an Update Strategy

Once you've loaded some products from your data Sources, you are now able to Sync them with your Sales Channels. The tricky part is that each Product and each Sales Channel has its specifics. So, you can not use the same Rules to update all the products across all your Sales Channels. 

We have a feature called Update Strategy that allows you to handle that. Read this article to learn more about Update Strategies.

How to create a new Update Strategy

Step 1. Go to Products -> Strategies

Step 2. Click Add

Step 3. Enter your strategy name and click Add

Step 4. Configure the Strategy

Go through the Strategy configuration options to finalize the Strategy setup.

1. Find existing product using 
This option allows you to set the desired identified to find the product in the Sales Channel. E.g. you have a product with reference 12345. If you select reference here, Inventorize will try to find the product using the reference and update it. If you set UPC - it will try to find the product using it's UPC code. You can also set this field to use both values and it will search for the product using both fields.

2. If the product is no longer on any of the feeds do the following
What should be done if the product is no longer available on the feeds (basically, this means, that none of the Sources has the product any more).

3. If the product appears on the feeds after disapearing 
What to do if the product that has previously disappeared from the feeds, is available again.

4. Create if not exists
This option is very important. If you set this to Only update if exists, Inventorize will not create a product in the Sales Channel, but will only update existing products if they can be found on the Sales Channel using the rules from (1).

5. Update fields
This option allows you to either update All available fields or only selected ones. 

6. If you choose to update only selected fields, you will need to set the rules and configure each of those fields

Click on the checkbox next to the fields you'd like to be synced:

You can also configure the rules for each field:

This is a multi-select box, so you can have more than one option selected at a time. 


  • Update Always to always overwrite the value in the Sales Channel by that sent from Inventorize. 
  • Update if not changed only if the value on the sales channel is the same that it was during the last sync. Meaning that if you made some manual changes directly in the sales channel, they will not be overwritten
  • Dynamic text option can be used to set a custom field value. When you select this option, you will see a text input and available merge fields below. Click on the field to add it to the text input. You can use it to generate dynamic titles, descriptions etc.
  • Computed option is used to set custom computed values. You need to create your own custom function first, then it will be available below the text input.